Integrates and streamlines all of your commercial and financial operations 

Integrated solution developed to manage the entire enterprise.

Is an integrated system for management support that includes a variety of tools that converge to a good management, aggregating, interconnecting and complementing all information.

Automatically associates the accounting information to commercial and financial areas, which allows to make economic and financial analysis easily.

  • Commercial management
  • Financial management
  • General, analytical and budgetary accounting
  • Orders management
  • Purchases and sales
  • Stock and product management
  • Entities management
  • Cash-flow management
  • Banks management
  • Cash budget and management dashboards
  • Bills management
  • Sellers management
  • Users management
  • Total document tracking
  • Processes management
  • Vehicles and equipament management
  • Graphic analysis
  • Alerts and Events Management
  • Checklists

Mobility, agility and total autonomy

MOBILE SALES allows you to automate all the pre-sales operations and self-sales process, with total autonomy and mobility of employees, to increase the team’s productivity.

  • Client information consultation: customer file, addresses, pending documents, movements effected, price type by customer, discounts by customer
  • Searches by client type, zone and route
  • Create clients
  • Products list with its information and promotions
  • Products search by family and warehouse
  • Orders, invoices, warehouse transfers, delivery notes
  • Possibility to change, cancel and remove documents
  • Receipts: Issuance, elimination and possibility of discount insert
  • Receipts of several documents, totally or partially
  • Possibility of blocking clients with documents in debt
  • Multiple payment methods on the same receipt
  • Cashier: several listings and summary of documents issued between dates
  • Client plafond control
  • Add, change, and delete products: allows you to apply discounts (percentage and value), insert associated products, and product features
  • Printing and reprinting documents (bluetooth printers)
  • Employee/seller: expenses insertion and visit report
  • Barcode scanning

How do you access your company's critical information?

More than a simple sales and activity management, it is a management solution for day-to-day control and systematization of your company, which allows you to optimize your resources and maximize their efficiency.

The CRM solution as a tool is a way for the company to get closer to its customers and learn more about their business, their behavior and their needs. This approach strengthens the partnership relationship between the company as a supplier and the organization's own customers.


Organize information, plan tasks, and communicate with your customers simply and in a timely manner.


Control all business activity ensuring maximization of sales.


Ensure the execution of projects and processes with precision for efficient commercial and financial management.


Plan and control the contracts and covenants management, ensuring the negotiated dates and trading conditions.


  • 360-degree view of customer interaction and sales opportunities
  • Value added by centralized and integrated information system
  • Optimization of business management through knowledge management



Decide on up-to-date business and financial information

Alidata CRM is fully integrated with the BEST PORTUGUESE BUSINESS DATABASE

  • Fully integrated IBERINFORM database within CRM;
  • It allows companies to be identified immediately and unequivocally;
  • It allows to analyze graphically the information of the companies;
  • Automatic opening of the customer card in CRM with just one click (imports and fills all entity information);
  • Saving time through centralized and accessible information.


Take CRM everywhere!

Follow your contacts and leads, receive notifications, access your calendar anytime, anywhere.

App CRM (Mobile)

  • Available for Android and iOS.
  • Simplicity on access to information, 360-degree vision of your company and greater control and productivity!
  • Just install the Sendys CRM App on your phone or tablet.

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