Integrates and streamlines all of your commercial and financial operations 

Integrated solution developed to manage the entire enterprise.

Is an integrated system for management support that includes a variety of tools that converge to a good management, aggregating, interconnecting and complementing all information.

Automatically associates the information to commercial and financial accounting, which allows to make economic and financial analysis easily.

  • Commercial management
  • Financial managment
  • General, analytical and budgetary accounting
  • Orders management
  • Purchases and sales
  • Stock and product management
  • Entities management
  • Cash-flow management
  • Bank management
  • Cash budget and management dashboards
  • Bills management
  • Sellers management
  • Users management
  • Total document tracking
  • Process management
  • Vehicles and equipament management
  • Graphic analysis
  • Alert and Event Management
  • Checklists

Global and rigorous management of the productive process with exact control of costs and time

Integrated solution developed to manage the whole production process, which provides complete and real-time information of all movements made in production. It avoids the duplication of actions and enables all automation and consonance between the Commercial and Productive areas, from ordering to invoicing and loading of the merchandise, passing through the whole process of transformation of the articles and their dispatch.

It allows the exact calculation of the price of each article / component in function of the cost of manufacture, with analysis of costs by:

  • Cost center Operator / Equipment / Operation 
  • Raw materials and waste (refuse or reuse)
  • Subsidiary Matters
  • Overhead table (general and manufacturing facilities)


  • Automatic raw materials and subsidiaries stocks management;
  • Batch control by FIFO, LIFO, FEFO or manual;
  • Real cost vs. Budget estamition;
  • Articles with sizes, colors and characteristics;
  • Datasheets of technical specifications by article;
  • Fixed and variable material (article tree) lists;
  • Inactivity machinery control;
  • Specific times for each equipment and article-machine pair;
  • Technical tables per article / equipment;
  • Profitability analysis (operators and shifts);
  • Operative sequences (operative ranges);
  • Manufacturing plans;
  • Articles, components, raw materials and subsidiary materials;
  • Gross, net or absolute needs;
  • Several simultaneous units of measure (with correlation between them);
  • Requirements calculation (MRP I);
  • Visualization of the production flow in real time;
  • Planned/realized/skid production;
  • Comparative analysis: planned vs. actual;
  • Articles' cost analysis;
  • Quality control;
  • Industrial maintenence;
  • Production stoppages control;
  • Packing and palletizing management;
  • Terminals for collecting production information;
  • Touchscreen kiosks with magnetic card readers;
  • Issuance of labels (bar codes of any standard format);
  • Interconnection with automata or counting plates;
  • Connection to CAD/CAM software;
  • Issuance of customized queries and listings;
  • Diverse histories of all indicators;

Strict management of weight and goods volumes

It allows to manage the merchandise exit by means the elaboration of load lists from orders. It manages the merchandise in terms of weights and volumes against the capacity of the truck, identified by its registration. Merchandise identification process is made to not allow incorrect charges.

  • Load lists
  • Volume and weight management
  • Management of incorrect loads
  • Automatic documents
  • Load lists by requirements
  • Issuing tags
  • Reading articles in the kiosk or through a barcode reader
  • Custom Listings

Mobility and agility for your business

MOBILE WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT enable to do all the stocks and warehouses management. It allows to manage all the physical merchandise movement inside a warehouse or in a logistic platform, from the reception to the expedition. It allows maintaining strict control of all the tasks of moving articles and facilitates communication between employees, using various technologies.

  • Stock management
  • Minimum and maximum stock inquiry per article
  • Batch Management
  • Location management
  • Documents creation
  • Documents download - one or more documents, with quantities pending
  • Sales dispatch - enables to generate the cargo list
  • Receipt of supplier orders
  • Use (by association) of vendor references
  • Automatic label printing on product inputs Inventory by reading and changing quantities Inventory: online or by reading bar codes (reference + lot)
  • Inventory adjustment (document with change of quantities)
  • Inquiries of articles / stock: by warehouse, lot, ref. equivalent or movements between dates
  • Stock detailed by warehouse, with locations and lots
  • Warehouse and LocationTransfers
  • Batch Transfers
  • Inquiry of orders / pending articles by supplier

Strict control of maintenance works

It is a fully integrated management system support that includes a diversity of tools that allow to manage the entire operational and productive environment of any maintenance. 

It provides real-time information and integrates with mobile solutions adapted to the companies that perform external services. 

The solution is intended for companies in the field of equipment, technical assistance, repairs, services or non-standard production, wishing to work with works that control serial numbers, license plates or chassis, or series or non-series production industries.

It allows you to consult the services performed historic and ones to perform, multi-payer, control the material list, reserve material, totally or partially shut down a repair / production work, simulate payments in full or by paying entity, analyze the partial totals of the work already invoiced for labor and material, among others.


  • Total control of the repair works;
  • Total control of budgets, with monitoring of the work vs. budget;
  • Invoicing of the repair work, partially or by percentage;
  • Measurements control;
  • Registration of materials with control of what was applied and returned;
  • Product and customer management;
  • Equipment maintenance;
  • Reports;
  • Chronological table;
  • Issuance of transport documents;
  • Historic.



XpressCAD, the complementary graphic platform for budgets' presentation 

XpressCAD is a 3D budgeting software that integrates and automates the processes of budgeting and awarding of orders. Allows you to enter, validate and finalize 3D budgets that are automatically integrated into Alidata ERP Integrated Management. This budgeting wizard makes it easier and faster, with the advantage of being a graphical platform, where you can see the selected options and the final product in real time.

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  • Budgeting
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