How do you access your company's critical information?

More than a simple sales and activity management, it is a management solution for day-to-day control and systematization of your company, which allows you to optimize your resources and maximize their efficiency

The CRM solution as a tool is a way for the company to get closer to its customers and learn more about their business, their behavior and their needs. This approach strengthens the partnership relationship between the company as a supplier and the organization's own customers.


Organize information, plan tasks, and communicate with your customers simply and in a timely manner.


Control all business activity ensuring maximization of sales.


Ensure the execution of projects and processes with precision for efficient commercial and financial management.


Plan and control the contracts and covenants management, ensuring the negotiated dates and trading conditions.


  • 360-degree view of customer interaction and sales opportunities
  • Value added by centralized and integrated information system
  • Optimization of business management through knowledge management



Decide on up-to-date business and financial information

Alidata CRM is fully integrated with the GREATEST PORTUGUESE BUSINESS DATABASE

  • Fully integrated IBERINFORM database within CRM;
  • It allows companies to be identified immediately and unequivocally;
  • It allows to analyze graphically the information of the companies;
  • Automatic opening of the customer card in CRM with just one click (imports and fills all entity information);
  • Saving time through centralized and accessible information.

Take CRM everywhere!

Follow your contacts and leads, receive notifications, access your calendar anytime, anywhere.

App CRM (Mobile)

  • Available for Android and iOS.
  • Simplicity on access to information, 360 ° vision of your company and greater control and productivity!
  • Just install the Sendys CRM App on your phone or tablet.

To measure what really matters in your business. The more you know about the business, the better your decisions will be.

The production of critical management information requires an effort, often leading to duplicate and poor quality information. It is therefore imperative to streamline and facilitate access to structured and credible management information in order to support business monitoring and enable real-time decision making.

With the Dashboards Sendys solution and the KPI definition, the Manager will be able to easily follow the evolution of operations, avoiding the large amounts of data and reports that are time-consuming and difficult to interpret. This is the only way to keep the focus on what is really important: to achieve the goals.

A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a metric used in business to measure and measure factors critical to a company's success.

Why use them?

  • They provide the information that the manager needs on each stage of the process
  • They provide greater accuracy in decision making by the manager
  • Bring more efficiency and effectiveness to processes
  • They bring more speed, better understanding and transparency

KPIs differ from business to business, from role to role, and from the view of each manager. In this way, it is possible to customize Dashboards according to the needs of each business. 

Through KPI, you can monitor processes and tasks and find out what is not working at its best and have the opportunity to correct it.



  • Current week vs previous week;
  • Selling performance;
  • Top Sellers.


  • Ongoing projects;
  • Skidding projects;
  • Projects above 80%;
  • ARVE.

Document management allows the electronic management of documents, simplifying tasks as archiving, searching, distributing or extracting documents.

The Document Management Solution includes, among other functionalities, a Worfkflow and Circulation system that allows a creation of diverse, pre-defined or ad hoc pathways either for notification or for approval.

Documental Archive

  • Registration and Classification of all documents;
  • Access control to information and consultation of electronic copy;
  • Easy localization and consultation of documents by their content and indexing fields;
  • Aggregation of documents in electronic processes.

Workflow Mechanisms

  • Default pathways treatment and documents approval;
  • Possibility of ad hoc pathways with path registration effected
  • Consultation of all the steps taken (who, when and what decided);
  • Control of deadlines and alarms generation;
  • Integration with other applications


  • Document Explorer, Processes and Entities organized by on-demand folders and user-adjustable areas;
  • Hierarchy of folders with permissions by profile and user and possibility to organize them with a simple drag and drop;
  • Search for folders or documents;
  • Automatic synchronization of documents in physical folders for the Document Management Solution, allowing easy integration of scanners and faxes with document management;
  • Distribution/dispatches by document or process;
  • Automatic or manual notification;
  • Multiple attachments per folder with main attachment;
  • Various versions and revisions per document;
  • Custom fields per document type ( various data types);
  • Entities management by entity type with integration in specific documents;
  • Complete process management;
  • Inbox and Outbox for documents received or sent by distribution;
  • Dispatch with date/reading time.

Operational efficiency, business viability and agility, with optimized and flexible business processes.

Management solution that defines the information flow of a business process controlling human interventions in this same process

  • Full control in defining business processes – Flexibility
  • Integration with other systems
  • Identification of bottlenecks in company processes
  • Usability
  • Framework web

Methods, techniques and tools are used to analyze, model, publish, optimize and control processes involving human resources, applications, documents and other sources of information.


  • Approval of purchase invoices
  • Entry and exit of employees
  • Approval of expenses
  • Approval of a proposal
  • Credit approval
  • Order internal purchase
  • Approval payments
  • Public Procurement
  • Mail registration
  • Opinion Request
  • Others

Simplify business processes and save time with SENDYS Explorer

The document management solution designed to streamline business operations, answering to the needs of any organization regardless the size or structure, given its flexibility.

SENDYS Explorer enables the user to convert documents and distribute or upload to a chosen location, providing greater flexibility to edit, access, print, retrieve and share files.


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