Integrates and streamlines all of your commercial and financial operations 

Integrated solution developed to manage the entire enterprise.

Is an integrated system for management support that includes a variety of tools that converge to a good management, aggregating, interconnecting and complementing all information.

Automatically associates the information to commercial and financial accounting, which allows to make economic and financial analysis easily.

  • Commercial management
  • Financial managment
  • General, analytical and budgetary accounting
  • Orders management
  • Purchases and sales
  • Stock and product management
  • Entities management
  • Cash-flow management
  • Bank management
  • Cash budget and management dashboards
  • Bills management
  • Sellers management
  • Users management
  • Total document tracking
  • Process management
  • Vehicles and equipament management
  • Graphic analysis
  • Alert and Event Management
  • Checklists

It reflects all movements made in Integrated Commercial Management

It includes the general accounting, budget and analytical accounting (operating centers with cost allocation automatically). 

As the months and years are open, an advanced balance sheet can be issued, including the accounts of several years, disaggregating information until arriving at the own launch / document. 

Since the philosophy of this software is based on the SNC (Portuguese accounting codes), it is from this that all processes are originated.

What happens is more than integration, it's a real-time interaction between business movements and accounting.

  • Exploration maps and graphs;
  • Fiscal maps comparing to years;
  • Cost centers;
  • VAT treatment;
  • Reporting.

Efficient management of your company's assets

It allows full control of the company's assets and automates all associated administrative and financial processes, including the issuance of all legal maps. 

The solution includes the following areas: Management of assets, Accounting of fixed assets, Internal and Investment Orders.


  • Assets’ record Management;
  • Assets’ general data;
  • Customizable asset classifiers;
  • Multi-currency purchase documents;
  • Current account management of asset's expected useful life;
  • Depreciation and amortization management;
  • Legal and free revaluations using the fair value method;
  • Residual value management;
  • Write-downs and disposals;
  • Asset accounting classification;
  • Automatic integration in accounting;
  • Financial leases control;
  • Investment orders control;
  • Tools to support the maintenance of goods;
  • Disposals or write-offs of goods;
  • Depreciation rates varition;
  • Maintenance of the chart of accounts and cost centers;
  • Reporting through management maps and legal and fiscal models.

Management and valorization of the company's human resources

Records Management, Organizational structure and wage processing.

Solution developed to manage organizations most valuable capital, their collaborators. It allows to effectively manage the payroll process, while taking into account all the legal requirements, with detailed analyzes.

It can cover not only company employees, but also service providers and external entities.


  • Organizational structure;
  • Processing profiles;
  • Reporting and validation maps;
  • Allowances and deductions;
  • Pay slip issue and email sending;
  • Automated alerts;
  • Skills management;
  • Allowances and deductions configuration;
  • Professional development of employees;
  • Freelance work;
  • Calculation formulas;
  • Field management;
  • Time management;
  • Career management;
  • Compensatory rest management;
  • Internal work sites management.

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