Specialists in the works maintenance management and production

It is a fully integrated management system support that includes a diversity of tools that allow to manage the entire operational and productive environment of any maintenance. 

It provides real-time information and integrates with mobile solutions adapted to the companies that perform external services. 

The solution is intended for companies in the field of equipment, technical assistance, repairs, services or non-standard production, wishing to work with works that control serial numbers, license plates or chassis, or series or non-series production industries.

Rigorous control of maintenance and production works

It allows you to consult the services performed historic and ones to perform, multi-payer, control the material list, reserve material, totally or partially shut down a repair / production work, simulate payments in full or by paying entity, analyze the partial totals of the work already invoiced for labor and material, among others.In production works allows to make inputs of production of simple or compound products, as well as to control the serial numbers produced.

For the companies that manufacture in series, it is possible to control the production from the office with points of information and collection distributed strategically in the factory area. Controls production processes by providing complete, real-time information on all movements made in production to determine the exact cost of each item / component as a function of manufacturing cost.

  • Total control of the repair works;
  • Total control of budgets, with monitoring of the work vs. budget;
  • Invoicing of the repair work, partially or by percentage;
  • Measurements control;
  • Registration of materials with control of what was applied and returned;
  • Product and customer management;
  • Equipment maintenance;
  • Reports;
  • Chronological table;
  • Issuance of transport documents;
  • Historic

Full mobility for the employees

The mobility is possible for employees which provide technical assistance services (outside or inside), with access to all necessary and useful information.

Provided with a mobile device, the employee can access to the route of services that are to be performed during the day and record all the interventions were made: clients' information/address of the intervention, worksheets and with the possibility of adding all necessary records.

  • Material, labor and routes registration
  • Assistance registration by employee and by service performed
  • Service reports
  • Chronological table consultation
  • Transport documents issuance
  • Pending work control
  • Detailed consultation of the services to be carried out - possibility to add more
  • Possibility to add and print client’s signature to the worksheet

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