Integrates and streamlines all of your commercial and financial operations 

Integrated solution developed to manage the entire enterprise.

Is an integrated system for management support that includes a variety of tools that converge to a good management, aggregating, interconnecting and complementing all information.

Automatically associates the information to commercial and financial accounting, which allows to make economic and financial analysis easily.

  • Commercial management
  • Financial managment
  • General, analytical and budgetary accounting
  • Orders management
  • Purchases and sales
  • Stock and product management
  • Entities management
  • Cash-flow management
  • Bank management
  • Cash budget and management dashboards
  • Bills management
  • Sellers management
  • Users management
  • Total document tracking
  • Process management
  • Vehicles and equipament management
  • Graphic analysis
  • Alert and Event Management
  • Checklists

It serves all kinds of companies that need to make and manage quick sales in a cashier or a front store

Created to manage point of sale, it allows to execute in a simple and intuitive way all the business tasks of any small business or chain of stores.

Its control flexibility allows users quickly through a simple interface, fully configurable, all management of a business in order to optimize the work team.

Since it has full integration with the rest ERP, the tasks reduction and increased productivity are notorious.


  • Configuração da disposição dos botões e barra de navegação
  • Configurações por terminal e por utilizador
  • Imagens dos artigos nos botões
  • Cores por níveis nos botões
  • Sistema de passwords dinâmicas
  • Níveis de pesquisa de artigos
  • Controlo do caixa
  • Controlo de produtos em promoção
  • Bloqueio/controlo de documentos pendentes
  • Cliente Livre e cliente final 
  • Entradas e saídas extra de caixa
  • Estorno
  • Documentos a crédito e documentos por regularizar
  • Impressão automática e reimpressão
  • Lançamento de documentos de fornecedor
  • Histórico diversos
  • Listagens por utilizador
  • Cliente em espera
  • Cartão de Cliente
  • Cartão de Mercadoria
  • Leitura de etiqueta de balança
  • Descarga de dados de terminais portáteis
  • Suporte a código de barras
  • Conexão com gaveta de dinheiro e visor
  • Teclado físico ou no ecrã
  • Fecho de caixa por utilizador ou por terminal
  • Fundo de maneio por utilizador ou por terminal
  • Detalhe de contagens por notas e moedas
  • Sangria por utilizador ou por caixa

Mobility and agility for your business

MOBILE WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT enable to do all the stocks and warehouses management. It allows to manage all the physical merchandise movement inside a warehouse or in a logistic platform, from the reception to the expedition. It allows maintaining strict control of all the tasks of moving articles and facilitates communication between employees, using various technologies.

  • Stock management
  • Minimum and maximum stock inquiry per article
  • Batch Management
  • Location management
  • Documents creation
  • Documents download - one or more documents, with quantities pending
  • Sales dispatch - enables to generate the cargo list
  • Receipt of supplier orders
  • Use (by association) of vendor references
  • Automatic label printing on product inputs Inventory by reading and changing quantities Inventory: online or by reading bar codes (reference + lot)
  • Inventory adjustment (document with change of quantities)
  • Inquiries of articles / stock: by warehouse, lot, ref. equivalent or movements between dates
  • Stock detailed by warehouse, with locations and lots
  • Warehouse and LocationTransfers
  • Batch Transfers
  • Inquiry of orders / pending articles by supplier

Mobility, agility and total autonomy 

MOBILE SALES allows you to automate all the pre-sales operations and self-sales process, with total autonomy and mobility of employees, to increase the team’s productivity.

  • Client Information consultation: Customer File, Addresses, Pending Documents, Movements effected, Price Type per customer, Discounts per customer
  • Searches by Client Type, Zone, and Route
  • Create clients
  • Articles list with its information and promotions
  • Article Search by Family and Warehouse
  • Orders, invoices, warehouse transfers, delivery notes
  • Possibility to change, cancel and remove documents
  • Receipts: Issuance and elimination and possibility of discount insertion
  • Receipts of several documents, totally or partially
  • Possibility of blocking clients with open documents
  • Multiple payment methods on the same receipt
  • Cash register: Several listings and summary of documents issued between dates
  • Client plafond control
  • Add, change, and delete Articles: Allows you to apply discounts (percentage and value), insert associated articles, and articles with features
  • Printing and reprinting documents (Bluetooth printers)
  • Contributor/Seller: expenses insertion and visit report
  • Barcode scanning

ERP Complementary Tool

It is a useful tool that allows you to accelerate and increase the quality of a company's services, via an integrated web platform, at a one-click distance.

PortalWeb allows access to certain functionalities and contained data from the ERP, allowing the transfer of tasks responsibilities to the users.
Its also allows to making available the information on different assists states, historical and orders or production states, among many other information.

Additionally, it has the vocation for the company itself, where employees can perform various tasks outside the company through access to an internet browser.

Its nature allows access to any data, in real time, 24/7, simply and quickly. It is a web platform and allows the total adaptation to the reality and needs of each company and client

It is a web platform that allows a total adaptation to the need of each company and client

  • Document Repository
  • Issue of orders
  • Order history (customer)
  • Document consultation
  • Inventory consultation
  • Checking current accounts
  • Historic search
  • Campaign creation
  • Follow-up of proposals/budgets (collaborator)

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