Management and valorization of the company's human resources

Records Management, Organizational structure and wage processing.

Solution developed to manage organizations most valuable capital, their collaborators. It allows to effectively manage the payroll process, while taking into account all the legal requirements, with detailed analyzes.

It can cover not only company employees, but also service providers and external entities.


  • Organizational structure;
  • Processing profiles;
  • Reporting and validation maps;
  • Allowances and deductions;
  • Pay slip issue and email sending;
  • Automated alerts;
  • Skills management;
  • Allowances and deductions configuration;
  • Professional development of employees;
  • Freelance work;
  • Calculation formulas;
  • Field management;
  • Time management;
  • Career management;
  • Compensatory rest management;
  • Internal work sites management.

Optimized and objective employee performance evaluation

The 360º Performance Evaluation system is a Human Resources management tool that allows employees to recognize individual performance and also evaluate their performance.

It allows optimizing the human resources evaluation system, minimizing the subjectivity of the evaluation, providing a continuous evolution, clarifying and relating the performance of employees in the company

In the 360º evaluation, the employee receives simultaneous evaluations from several surrounding sources: he can be evaluated by his peers, superiors or subordinates.


  • Evaluation questionnaires;
  • Employees management;
  • Management of employee relationship types;
  • Evaluation profiles / relationship types management;
  • Evaluation processes management.

Transparent communication and availability of information for the employee

The Employee Portal is a web platform with a set of functionalities that allow to optimize the communication between the company and its collaborators.

With centralized information, employees can access to the portal anytime, anywhere.


  • Consultation and printing payroll receipts;
  • Vacation Approval;
  • Alteration of the employee personal data;
  • Approval of confidential personal data;
  • Insertion and approval of new employee registration data;
  • Viewing and printing the VAT declaration;
  • Employees' documents consultation;
  • Updating curriculum data;
  • Requests for training by the employee or manager;
  • Company’s /department / section vacation map.

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